The Radnors

The Radnors

The Radnorshire and West Herefordshire Hunt –the Radnors – is a friendly farmer’s pack with our kennels in the village of Titley. Meets are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays from the last week of October until the second week of March.

The Hunt is run by a Committee which appoints a Mastership to operate the Hunt on its behalf on a day to day basis.

The Masters are: - Robert Jones (2000), Stephen Klenk (2009), Anthony Porter (2011), Heather Jones (2013), David Bufton (2013).

Hunt President is Robert Dewhurst.

Chairman of the Committee is Penny Corbett, John Goodwin is Vice Chairman.

Committee members are: -

Bruce Gardiner – Hon Treasurer, Kenneth Goodman – Joint Hon Secretary, Becky Baker – Joint Hon Secretary, Robert Jones MFH, Steve Klenk MFH, Anthony Porter MFH, Heather Jones MFH, David Bufton MFH, Miranda Lee, Pip Davies, Mike Lloyd, Nick Layton, Bob Gardiner, Roy Baker, Andy Milne, Henry Marfell, Stuart Jones.

Huntsman. Shaun Marles  Stud Groom. Laura Marles. 

Professional Whip. Mitch Prosser

Amateur whippers-in. Billie Thomas, Richard Jones

Countrymen. David Morgan, Jake Morgan, Steve Duggan

Trail Layers. Andy Milne and Jo Ransome

Since the introduction of the Hunting Act in 2004 we can no longer deal with fox control on behalf of the farmers in our country in the traditional way. We hunt within the law. We trail hunt using our hounds to hunt a trail laid by our trail layers who operate on foot and on horseback to copy routes likely to be taken by a fox. The scent is fox scent bought especially for the purpose.